Remote Office Operation in Easy Clicks Seminar

4 October, 2007

"Remote Office Operation in Easy Clicks, ERP Application for China-Hong Kong Manufacturers" Seminar was successful held on Oct 4, 2007.

AimServe fully address our customers' needs by providing the Compiere ERP & CRM solution, an easy-to-use, integrated business software solution that provides a real-time, 360-degree view of the entire business cycle, enabling SMEs to enhance their business productivity and transparency. A joint seminar organized by AimServe Systems Ltd, Layer One Ltd, Digital China Hong Kong Ltd and IBM China/HK Ltd. was successfully held on October 4, 2007. The theme was "Remote Office Operation in Easy Clicks, ERP Application for China-Hong Kong Manufacturers by improving their business workflow control and management system over a web base open source ERP solution".

The 3 featured topics of different aspects composed an all-round overview about the current market situation and concrete solution to the SMEs.

Compiere Open Source ERP providing web base business solution towards better and effective management for SME" introduced how Compiere ERP can make SME keep pace with the trend in the global marketplace with on-time, on-budget and customer focused solutions;

"IPVPN provides stable and secure multi points connection" Briefly describe IPVPN and global connect services providing SMEs operating efficiency, effectiveness and cost-saving communication channel;

How IBM system pSeries, TotalStrorage and backup solutions lead to outstanding operational performance introduced how powerful of the IBM pSeries server and storage products can help SME enjoying advance and high performance technology.

The whole seminar ended up with fruitful business result. Participants were attentive and some of them even requested a sales presentation shortly after the seminar. For Compiere ERP & CRM Solution information and free download link, please feel free to contact us at 3102 2311 or email at